Ways that Failure Can Benefit Your Professional Life

No one likes to fail—especially when it means negatively affecting your colleagues, professional reputation, or potential for career advancement. That being said, the same struggles that can fill us with anxiety and self-doubt can also be the ones that push us to do better in the future. The trick is to see failure as an Read More

Why We Should Choose Our Professional Path Later in Life

What percentage of people do you think are passionate about their current career path? Probably not too many. It seems that when most people talk about work, they are either complaining or too exhausted to even care. The majority are just putting in their time before the weekend, and counting down the years to retirement. Read More

Increase Accountability to Decrease Workplace Harassment

According to the U.S. EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), on average, only about 6-13% of those who experience harassment in the workplace will go on to file a formal complaint. This figure is startling, as it means that the vast majority of instances will go unreported and—as a result—unpunished.  One of the most successful ways Read More

The Book that Will Help You Rethink Your Company’s Profit

There is an age-old budgeting method that you may be familiar with: “Pay yourself first.” Essentially it means that, as soon as you receive your paycheck, you should put a certain amount straight into your savings account before using it for bills or other expenses. This is a tried and proven tactic to increase one’s Read More

Why Every Senior Needs to Start Practicing Mindfulness

When some people hear “meditation” or “mindfulness,” they might immediately conjure up images of tree-hugging, granola-eating yogis. But all it really means is to be conscious of one’s surroundings and to focus on the present moment.  And while it may sound natural or easy to do, mindfulness takes practice and discipline. Our minds are often Read More

4 Questions You Should Ask to Make a Good Decision

Every day we are faced with decisions that require us to make a choice. Most of these questions are relatively small and are answered with ease, but some have the power to dramatically alter the direction of our personal or professional lives. To better your decision-making ability, there are a few questions that you should Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting on Social Media

Social media can be a huge resource for companies when it comes to recruitment today—if you do it wisely, that is. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to target highly qualified potential candidates and start a dialogue. But before you post information about your open position, make sure that you avoid these five common mistakes:  Read More

11 Ways You Can Start Reducing Work-Related Stress Today

Stress is a normal part of most everyone’s lives. In small doses it can be healthy, motivating us to do well; but when we start to experience too much stress, we can have problems concentrating, difficulty sleeping, irritability, or get sick more easily. Extreme stress can also lead to serious health complications such as a Read More

Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization: Interview Tips

You might be surprised to learn that, when it comes to a new employee being successful in your organization, there is something more important than GPA, alma mater, or even work history. Cultural fit is essential to ensure that your company continues to have strong communication, supportive and collaborative teams, and an overall sense of Read More

Ways to a Rewarding Career in Senior Living

Maybe you have always wanted to help others. Or perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your communication and management skills. You may also be driven to find a career that offers job security and opportunity for advancement. Regardless of your starting point, a career in senior living and care giving offers a number Read More

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