11 Ways You Can Start Reducing Work-Related Stress Today

Stress is a normal part of most everyone’s lives. In small doses it can be healthy, motivating us to do well; but when we start to experience too much stress, we can have problems concentrating, difficulty sleeping, irritability, or get sick more easily. Extreme stress can also lead to serious health complications such as a Read More

Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization: Interview Tips

You might be surprised to learn that, when it comes to a new employee being successful in your organization, there is something more important than GPA, alma mater, or even work history. Cultural fit is essential to ensure that your company continues to have strong communication, supportive and collaborative teams, and an overall sense of Read More

Ways to a Rewarding Career in Senior Living

Maybe you have always wanted to help others. Or perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your communication and management skills. You may also be driven to find a career that offers job security and opportunity for advancement. Regardless of your starting point, a career in senior living and care giving offers a number Read More

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Working in the senior care industry is an incredibly respected—albeit emotionally taxing—career path. It can be very difficult to consistently care for someone who is unable to do so themselves, or to watch an individual’s health decline.  It is important to make sure that you are also caring for yourself, and taking the appropriate steps Read More

How to Get the Best Out of Your Referral Program

Individuals who have been personally recommended by an employee not only tend to stay longer in their positions, but they are generally happier, and more efficient. This is because there is a better chance that this individual is a good fit within your existing company culture, and there is a strengthened sense of camaraderie and Read More

How to Reduce Healthcare Turnover Rate

Employee turnover rates are higher in healthcare than in virtually any other industry, including financial services, manufacturing, or education. There are many reasons, however, since the work healthcare professionals do is very different from work in other sectors, it can take a great toll on a person both physically and mentally. Caring for residents, patients, Read More

Five Ways to Spot a Toxic Work Environment Before Accepting the Job

The excitement that comes with getting a phone call for an interview is like none other. Landing that dream job is often the sole focus of the candidate during the interview process. Candidates prepare answers, think about potential questions, and try to present their best appearance to their future bosses. While all of that is Read More

Pet Therapy in Senior Living

Pets are an important part of many people’s lives. Studies show that people who have a pet are healthier and live longer than those without a pet. With the increase evidence-based research that is reported, there is an increase use of animals—dogs and cats mostly, but also birds, and rabbits—in settings ranging from hospitals and Read More

Quick Tips to Improve Business Writing Skills

Like it or not, the nature of the modern world has made writing a critical part of business. Whether it is writing a proposal, emailing, posting on social media, or texting, having writing skills is something most professionals now need for success. If you have never thought of yourself as a very good writer, there Read More

How to Communicate with a Loved One Suffering From Dementia

Caring for a loved one with any form of dementia can be incredibly difficult for all involved. While the onset may have someone forgetting minor details, the progression can leave that same person forgetting what day it is or even not knowing family members. It can be very frustrating when trying to communicate with a Read More

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