How to Effectively Screen for High Job Performance

Some people are just great at interviews. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear, and by the end of the interview they will have you believing that you are about to make the best hire in your company’s history. But then, when it comes time to actually seeing what they are capable Read More

Meeting—and Exceeding—Your Employees’ Needs

Sure, every employee has needs. The extent to which these needs are met will help determine just how happy an employee is, which can directly impact his or her work quality and dedication to the company.  The basic needs are—as you would expect—pretty straightforward. Employees look to have a fair, living wage, and perhaps additional Read More

5 Tricks to Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

The New Year is a great time to make resolutions, both in your personal and your professional life. And sure, most of us make them—but how many of us actually keep them for more than a few weeks or months? Luckily for us all, there a few surefire tricks that can help ensure that you’re Read More

Ask These Questions When Setting Your 2019 Business Goals

  The time between Thanksgiving and New Years always seems to go by in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re preparing turkey and the leaves are changing color, and before you know it you’re trying to remember to write the correct year on documents while snow covers the ground.  And while it can Read More

Does Gratitude Equal Happiness and Health?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that prolonged stress can have devastating effects on one’s mental and physical health, manifesting itself in depression and anxiety. In this way, a negative mindset can lower one’s immune system, making an individual more susceptible to illness and discomfort. In fact, those with high levels of negative thinking are more likely Read More

Ways that Failure Can Benefit Your Professional Life

No one likes to fail—especially when it means negatively affecting your colleagues, professional reputation, or potential for career advancement. That being said, the same struggles that can fill us with anxiety and self-doubt can also be the ones that push us to do better in the future. The trick is to see failure as an Read More

Why We Should Choose Our Professional Path Later in Life

What percentage of people do you think are passionate about their current career path? Probably not too many. It seems that when most people talk about work, they are either complaining or too exhausted to even care. The majority are just putting in their time before the weekend, and counting down the years to retirement. Read More

Increase Accountability to Decrease Workplace Harassment

According to the U.S. EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), on average, only about 6-13% of those who experience harassment in the workplace will go on to file a formal complaint. This figure is startling, as it means that the vast majority of instances will go unreported and—as a result—unpunished.  One of the most successful ways Read More

The Book that Will Help You Rethink Your Company’s Profit

There is an age-old budgeting method that you may be familiar with: “Pay yourself first.” Essentially it means that, as soon as you receive your paycheck, you should put a certain amount straight into your savings account before using it for bills or other expenses. This is a tried and proven tactic to increase one’s Read More

Why Every Senior Needs to Start Practicing Mindfulness

When some people hear “meditation” or “mindfulness,” they might immediately conjure up images of tree-hugging, granola-eating yogis. But all it really means is to be conscious of one’s surroundings and to focus on the present moment.  And while it may sound natural or easy to do, mindfulness takes practice and discipline. Our minds are often Read More

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