Lessons Learned from Brookdale

Being in the senior care industry, you most likely have heard of the troubles surrounding Brookdale Senior Living.  While their troubles have been front and center in the news, and they have even received offers of a buy-out, they chose to place a new CEO in charge and face the “perfect storm” ahead. In multiple Read More

Is Active Adult Housing Competition?

Those in the senior care industry are a little worried about a new concept taking shape, active adult housing.  While there are still some unclear details of this new market, many in the senior care industry are taking notice and looking to start some strategic strategy sessions to figure out how to compete with this Read More

Biggest Workforce Challenges Ahead

As the healthcare industry continues to change and struggle with workforce acquisition, retention, engagement, and communication, many leaders are looking to face unique challenges head on.  In a recent healthcare summit, many leaders discussed how they believe their biggest workforce challenges are ahead of them. In fact, the very question of what is the biggest Read More

Innovation and Long-Term Care

Is senior care innovative?  Depending on who you ask, you will get a variety of answers, however, most agree on one thing – most senior care and long-term care have become cookie-cutter and less intuitive to the patients needs.  The fact is that innovation and long-term care must go hand in hand if the industry Read More

Food Service Trends in Senior Care

As the resident age in senior care continues to get younger, many facilities are looking at their food service as a way to not only attract new residents, but to save costs on food.  The fact is that residents today are more active and are younger than in years past, therefore, many facilities are finding Read More

Know the Warning Signs

It will be no surprise to you when you hear about the recent reports coming out about long-term care turnover rates.  Simply said, they are high!  The puzzling part is why so many long-term care facilities are having issues with understanding the warning signs and devising a plan to control those turnovers. It is true Read More

Why Relaxation is the Key to Productivity

Did you know that US businesses lose, on average, upwards of $100 billion dollars on lost productivity per year?  Staggering number, right?  While there are many factors that attribute to this number, research has shown that the number one cause of lost productivity is due to stressed employees, with the numbers being even higher in Read More

National Program in Jeopardy

Working in the long-term care industry, you most likely have heard of the national program called, Money Follows the Person.  It is a 12-year old program that was designed with helping seniors and people with disabilities transition from nursing homes to in-home care and community driven care. This program has been called one of the Read More

These Will NOT Happen in 2018

As 2018 begins, many long-term care facilities are looking to predictions for the upcoming year, however, what many facilities need to look at is what will not happen in 2018.  While there were some great things accomplished in the industry in 2017, and more promised in 2018, there are always a few positions that cause Read More

Sense-Sensitive Facilities

As more and more studies begin to surface around sensory impairment, cognitive impairment, and how skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care facilities need to improve their programs, many facilities are doing just that – focusing on sense-sensitive facilities.  Addressing these specific needs of patients and residents will allow them to live a better quality Read More

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