Happy Employees Equals More Candidates

Promoting happiness in the workplace is something that every long-term care and senior care facility strives for, however, it often may seem impossible to gain.  The thought that happy employees will equal more job candidates is a novel thought, but something that many hiring managers have struggled with.  Here are a few ways you can Read More

The Two-Sided Risk Model

In a recent hearing with the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, innovation in health care, specifically, telehealth was discussed at great lengths.  It is thought that telehealth has great promise in the long-term care industry, especially for those facilities that are in rural areas, however, there needs to be some work on a two-sided Read More

Where to Make the Next Hire

The senior care and long-term care industry is quickly learning that they are in competition with local businesses for employees.  Businesses such as fast food restaurants, department stores, and even seasonal work are stealing capable job candidates from your industry, causing you to ask where to make the next hire? As mentioned many times before, Read More

Looking Outside the Senior Care Industry

As the hiring shortage continues in long-term care and senior care, many hiring managers are starting to look outside the healthcare industry to find candidates that would be great additions to the team.  Becoming creative with recruiting is nothing new in this industry but looking outside the industry for qualified workers is something new for Read More

A Culture of Compassion

Long-term care and senior care facilities are constantly looking for ways to build a company culture that shows more compassion.  Especially in the healthcare field, compassion is a priority, not only for the care of the patient, but for the morale of the staff.  Compassion has shown to help increase productivity, boost employee engagement, and Read More

Performance Measure Gaps

A recent report from MAP (Measure Applications Partnership) indicated that there are still significant gaps remaining in the performance measures for post-acute care (PAC) and long-term care (LTC) facilities.  The two most troublesome areas include care coordination and information exchange. While both of these performance measures are key for payment reform and implementing quality improvements Read More

Tech Investment

Are you investing enough in tech at your long-term care facility?  Most likely the answer is no.  Current statistics showed that the majority of long-term care facilities today do not invest in enough technology, causing them to lose potential patients and making it difficult to recruit and retain staff.  Tech investment is something that you Read More

Food and Memory Care

What are your fondest memories of food you ate when you were younger?  Most of us do not think about memories regarding food, however, seniors that are suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia, often revert back to meals they ate and enjoyed when they were younger.  Several senior care communities have found that food and memory Read More

Hospice Care in Nursing Facilities

An important study recently released, should be considered significant information to those in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.  The study compared the quality of hospice services provided and received by patients in three settings – nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and in-home (or at-home) care. The survey included information as perceived by the family Read More

Lessons Learned from Brookdale

Being in the senior care industry, you most likely have heard of the troubles surrounding Brookdale Senior Living.  While their troubles have been front and center in the news, and they have even received offers of a buy-out, they chose to place a new CEO in charge and face the “perfect storm” ahead. In multiple Read More

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