Want to Get Ahead in Business? Read.

It is generally agreed that the most successful people have some things in common. They tend to be good listeners, they have a regular morning routine set up, and they are often avid readers.  Reading in general – whether it is the morning news, the latest bestseller, or even the opinions of those that you tend Read More

A Successful Business Starts with Recruiting

Your employees are the foundation of your business. Any project will only be as good as the team members bringing it to life. Beyond work product, company morale is also strongly tied to the individuals you choose to employ.  Recruitment is not just something that you should be thinking about whenever a vacancy pops up. Read More

Why the 40-Hour Work Week Is a Thing of the Past

Let’s face it. The 40-hour work week has been dead for a while. Of course, there have always been those who put in sixty hours or more a week, whether by personal choice or company demand. But today, fewer and fewer companies are enforcing strict hours that employees need to clock in and out at.  Read More

Prevent Burnout for Happy and Efficient Employees

There is often a honeymoon period with new employees. At the beginning, they show up to work early and put in the extra time and energy to ensure that they produce their best work. Unfortunately, this does not always last forever.  After a while, employees might start to feel like they are treading water. Productivity Read More

Make a Professional-Looking Resume Right Out of School

Applying for your first professional job is a daunting task. If you are just graduating from school, you might worry that you do not have enough experience to even fill a full page. Not to worry. As a new grad, these are three areas that you should focus on in your resume, which can help Read More

3 Things You Should Know About Working with Millennials

It pays to know the unique traits and characteristics that you are likely to experience when working with different generations. When you are aware of the things that motivate your employees, you can do a better job of keeping them happy – and on your team. Keep in mind these following attributes when it comes to Read More

Can Your Credit Score Impact Your Job Search?

Nowadays, fewer and fewer organizations are conducting in-depth background checks as part of their hiring process. And a credit report is generally pretty low on the list. In fact, only about a quarter of companies will do so as part of their application process, and this is generally only when the position is directly related Read More

3 Ways Introverts Are Leading Today’s Workplace

The loudest voices in the room aren’t the only ones you should be listening to. I’m sure that this goes without saying, but it can be all too easy to discount the quiet ones in the workplace. However, doing so would be a huge disservice to your company.  In fact, introverts have many unique qualities Read More

Employee Monitoring in the Care Industry: When You Should and Shouldn’t

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the use of employee surveillance systems. Are they an invasion of privacy? How do they alter the behaviors of employees? Can they actually do more harm than good?  To some extent, it depends on the industry. For those that serve customers—particularly as it relates to their Read More

Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Company Page on LinkedIn

When a lot of businesses think about their social media presence, their minds immediately go to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But for many industries—including senior care—LinkedIn is just as important, if not arguably more so.  Why? LinkedIn is not only the go-to platform for business information, but it’s also an opportunity for you Read More

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