How to Communicate with a Loved One Suffering From Dementia

Caring for a loved one with any form of dementia can be incredibly difficult for all involved. While the onset may have someone forgetting minor details, the progression can leave that same person forgetting what day it is or even not knowing family members. It can be very frustrating when trying to communicate with a Read More

Utilizing Personal Trainers in Retirement Communities

As people age, physical activity becomes more and more difficult and slows down. It is especially important that seniors find a way to stay mobile in their “golden years” since research shows that exercise can help boost cognitive and cardiovascular health, elevate mood and decrease stress. It is no surprise that retirement communities are utilizing Read More

Customer Service in Healthcare and Assisted Living Facilities

Customer service is often thought of in terms of retail, restaurants and hotels. Consumers are paying for a product or service and representatives are there to aid in the process, providing every courtesy possible. Excellent service is demanded from all areas, from plumbing to cable installation. With companies competing for consumers loyalty, the need for Read More

Employee Ethics

Research Finds That Employees Who Feel Excluded Are More Likely to Act Unethically

Workers who feel left out by their peers are more likely to act in unethical ways, according 2014 study on employee ethics by University of Georgia Terry College of Business. An employee who feels excluded will feel pressured to do something above and beyond to get attention and prove their value to the group. This Read More

5 Productivity Hacks To “Get More Time” In Your Day

If you could expand a 24-hour day up to 30 hours when you needed to, you would, correct? Perhaps not every day, but definitely on those days where you can not seem to catch up to your emails, return all of your voicemails, or make your 4 p.m. project deadline. Having a few extra hours Read More

Wellness in Senior Living

The demographic in senior living is about to change dramatically. Early Baby Boomers are well into retirement, and younger people in this generation are looking towards their future. If the numbers of people in this demographic are not daunting enough for senior living professionals, their preferences in senior living environment may require communities to rethink Read More

Wellness Tech and Senior Living

For most senior living and long-term care facilities, technology in regard to wellness is often reserved for the staff, however, more and more facilities are learning that wellness tech and senior living go hand in hand.  In fact, those facilities that embrace this technology see happier patients and employees. As more seniors become comfortable with Read More

Importance of Team Collaboration

Teamwork is nothing new in the medical industry, however, more emphasis is being placed on the importance of team collaboration now in the long-term care and senior care industry.  For years, teamwork has played a large role in the care of patients, and it is no surprise that it is becoming more prominent in the Read More

Do You Need to Hire a CHO?

As the long-term care and senior care industry continue to change and struggle hiring employees and gaining new patients, many executives are looking at possibly hiring chief happiness officers.  Many other industries have been using CHO’s for years with great success, which begs the question, do you need to hire a CHO? Many of the Read More

Temporary Work in Long-Term Care

More and more hiring managers in the long-term care industry are hiring temporary workers to fill open positions.  While this may not seem appealing to you, there are several things you should consider about doing temporary work in long-term care. The first thing to consider is the type of work or position you could do Read More

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