Is Workplace Gossip Taking Over?

It is incredibly important to foster relationships within your workforce, however, when does simple conversations, become gossip?  Allowing your staff to converse, connect, and share in and out of the workplace is important to keeping a work life balance, but have you noticed lately that workplace gossip is taking over? Gossip has no place in Read More

Helping our clients anticipate the next area of focus

Advance care planning is nothing new in the long-term care industry.  In fact, it has gotten lots of attention for years, with multiple academic studies, researchers, and focus groups looking to find more effective ways to introduce and carry out this important planning process. This is why a team at Indiana University has taken it Read More

Company Culture Killers

Recent studies have indicated that company culture is one of the most important pieces of information job candidates are looking at today, including those in the healthcare industry.  If you have not taken the time to cultivate your culture, or worse yet, do not even know what it is, you must take the time to Read More

Second Interview Mistakes

You did it, got a second interview!  While you may feel excited about the second interview, most often candidates bomb the next interview, for a few simple reasons.  You must realize that just because you got the call, does not mean that you are guaranteed the job.  In fact, many hiring managers today are conducting Read More

Ensuring Recruiting Success

Hiring managers across many industries continue to struggle with their recruiting, including those in the healthcare and long-term care industry.  The difficulty of filling open positions may have many reasons, however, ensuring recruiting success is something that every hiring manager must take seriously. As you know, reviewing and making changes to your hiring process are Read More

Improvements for the Perfect Resume

Every year in the healthcare industry, job candidates look to find the perfect job.  You have probably perfected your resume, but still have not found the job of your dreams.  It is important during your long-term care job search, that you continually make improvements to your resume.  Even if you have the perfect resume, you Read More

Can you Tell a Story?

As you prepare for your job search and interview, consider this question – can you tell a story?  Interviewing is difficult for most people, in fact, studies indicate that it is one of the top five things people would avoid doing in their lifetime if they could. While you may not like interviewing, it is Read More

Removing Stress Factors to Attract Candidates

It is no secret that the hiring process is stressful for many job candidates.  In fact, many candidates will turn down a position or lose interest in a position if the stress is too high.  It is to your benefit to identify and remove stress factors from not only your hiring process, but from your Read More

Embrace Technology in Your Career

Many outside the healthcare field think that the medical field is advanced in technology.  While this may be true in some respects because of medical equipment, it is quite the opposite when it comes to using technology in other areas.  Whether you are new to technology, or are a seasoned pro, you must embrace technology Read More

The Real Cost of Hiring

As the hiring manager, you are often concerned with the true costs of your hiring process.  While it can vary greatly on the positions you hire for, the real cost of hiring is often not known.  This can cause issues for your company; therefore, it is important that you understand the true cost of your Read More

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